Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for 2022

As Mother’s Day 2022 approaches, we have all been wondering how we can make this Mother’s Day special to counterbalance the stress of the past couple of years. I’ve asked family members and looked online for some insight to share with you.

The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2022 are heartfelt gifts that can provide rest and relaxation from this stressful time period.  Much like during Mother’s Day in other years, mothers appreciate feeling special and acknowledged for all they have done and continue to do for us. Therefore, it is often a good idea to explore personalized gifts, self-care gifts, and gifts that lift usual burdens from her shoulders. Since we have been isolated from family so much in the past couple of years, this is also an excellent time to coordinate a COVID-safe gathering.

Every mother and family is unique. Some suggestions may fit one family better than other since some families have more traditional family roles while others do not. Make the adjustments that make sense for you and your family.

Creating Experiences for Free

Sometimes we can best express our appreciation through actions. There are no vacations from being a Mother, but we can help carry the load for a short time.  In many of our families, mothers have certain responsibilities that they take care of regularly.  It can be a welcome gesture for you to take over some of those tasks, especially if they can be tedious.  You can offer to do the tasks directly if you know in advance what would be most helpful. You can also create a handmade coupon book so your mother can decide when she needs a break from certain tasks.

In many of our families, our mother brings people together and looks forward to times that the nuclear or extended family can gather. After such a long period of social distancing, organizing a COVID-safe gathering can be a gift in itself.  Depending on your family’s preferences, there are a variety of places that you could go, including a park or a local botanic garden.

Purchasing Experiences

While it is wonderful when you can personally make your mother feel like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, sometimes it makes sense to hire an expert. A professionally prepared meal or an expert massage can make your mother feel relaxed and cared for. Perhaps there is a spa nearby that can melt away her stresses that have built up over time. Or maybe your mother would prefer something a little more active. Consider what places she likes to go: museums, movies, concerts? If these aren’t available due to social distancing, investigate an alternative. Is there an outdoor art installation, an outdoor theater, a socially distanced concert? Use your imagination: can your family hire a local musician or family friend to play some of her favorite songs during a picnic?

Buying Items or Tokens of Appreciation

Buying a physical gift can also be a great option for Mother’s Day, especially if you use what you know about her and your relationship to find a gift that matches your mother’s tastes.  Maybe your mother appreciates traditional gifts such as soaps, scarves, or even a flower subscription.  You can also explore items associated with self-care, comfort, and relaxation such as a soy candle (from Amazon) or an organic bath bomb (from Amazon).  You can add a sentimental touch by giving a personalized gift such as a 3D engraved photo in crystal (from Amazon) that immortalizes a happy memory.

Don’t forget the card!

You can give a card that specifically mentions Mother’s Day (from Etsy) or give a card that features tradition themes such as flowers like this one featuring a flower bouquet (from Etsy) or this one featuring butterflies, birds, and flowers (from Etsy). If you are prepared to really personalize the card, this highly customizable 3D card (from Etsy) gives you many options to craft your message and aesthetic.

Whichever type of Mother’s Day gift you choose, as long as it comes from the heart, it will definitely brighten your mother’s day and make her feel special.  That will make it a meaningful Mother’s Day filled with love!