About Us

It’s a wonderful feeling to see appreciation and joy spread across the face of a loved one when they receive a gift that reflects our love for them.  However, it can be a challenge to find special gifts that have that effect.  Maybe all the potential gifts that we can think of are generic and mass-produced or our loved one is difficult to shop for in some way. 

Handmade gifts are a wonderful way to express our love because each one is unique, whether it is a manufactured item that is personalized for your loved one or whether the whole item itself was handcrafted from scratch by a talented and hardworking artisan. 

Here at Give Handmade Gifts, you will find a variety of handmade items that would be wonderful gifts for you and your loved ones. We also feature a blog that can help you match gifts to the people you love based on their interests, age, and events in their lives. 

Supporting Independent Artisans

At Give Handmade Gifts, we enjoy spreading joy within our circle of friends and family. This project is an effort to expand that circle to include you, independent artisans, and visual artists who make it possible to enrich the look of our site.

There are multiple ways you can help support independent artisans. If you like a particular product, write a review on the site where you bought it. Visit their storefront and explore their other offerings. If you have a problem with an item, first write to them directly before writing a review. Many artisans will gladly rectify any issues and appreciate the opportunity to make things right.

To support visual artists, please visit our Appreciation page.

Other Ways to Find Handmade Gifts

If you find an item here that is close, but not exactly what you are looking for, you can do a search for similar items on the source website.

Sometimes people want to support local artisans in particular. For example, Amazon allows you to search for artisans by region and state in the U.S.

The Changing World of Handmade Items

As many people are aware, handmade items include base products that are personalized by an independent artisan as well as items that the independent artisan designs and handcrafts from scratch.  Because our items are sold and shipped by independent artisans rather than large corporate chains, prices will change, items will sometimes sell out, be temporarily unavailable, or shops may temporarily close while the artisan resupplies or takes care of other obligations in their life. We routinely check products, but if you find a link that is temporarily broken before we get to it, please let us know on our Contact Us page.

Our Site

Give Handmade Gifts is funded through ad revenue and affiliate links to Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and other well-known retailers. Every external link is well-labeled so you know exactly where you will be headed when you find a product you like.