Inspiring gifts for kids going to a new school

What is a good Back to School gift for someone going to a new school?

Back to School time can bring a rollercoaster of emotions anyway, so when children are preparing to go to a new school or to go away for school, they are often filled with extra nerves and excitement.  Knowing you support them, believe in them, and wish the best for them makes a difference, even if they are not the type of person to show it on the surface.

If your child is going to a new school or going away to school, continue to encourage their self-expression by supporting their hobbies, help them maintain connections with close friends through symbolic keepsakes, and make it a little easier to make new friends in their new school by giving them gifts that they can play with new peers.

Support their self-expression

One way children express their independence is through their interests and hobbies. By supporting your child’s exploration of hobbies, you communicate acceptance of who they are becoming.  Often, children will spend free time at school or take electives related to one or more of their personal interests so they will appreciate a gift as the school year begins. If your child is interested in baseball, either as a player or spectator, they would enjoy receiving a personalized baseball (from Etsy).  If they are more interested in music, perhaps a personalized drumstick (from Etsy) or guitar pick (from Etsy) would suit them. Or, if they are into art like crochet, they might love receiving a personalized crochet hook (from Etsy).

If your child is still figuring out their passion or just prefers alone time on occasion, perhaps a personalized journal (from Amazon) could help them express their feelings and ideas as they enter a new school year.

Existing relationships

Just because they’re physically apart from old friends, doesn’t mean your child has to sever ties with people that are important to them.  The possibilities depend on how far the physical separation is. If your child is going to a new school in the same city, it might be as simple as continuing to set up playdates or arranging for transportation between locations.

When the distance is greater, you can think of it as a long distance relationship, even if it is platonic. Some children appreciate having matching accessories with their close friends who live far away, such as this puzzle piece necklace set (from Etsy). There are also gifts that are designed to depict the connection between two people living in different U.S. states or different countries. For example, this coffee mug from Amazon can be customized to show two states, provinces, or countries. If appropriate, you can also give a pair of Friendship Lamps (from Etsy) to your child and a friend. Friendship Lamps are wifi-connected lights that both react when one person touches it, therefore letting two people know that the other is thinking about them. If your child is going far away to boarding school or college, each of these gifts could also be given as a connection between them and home instead.

New friendships

It is important for children to set down roots in their new school and it is possible to let your child be independent while supporting them in this endeavor. One way to do this is to give a gift that can either spark a conversation with a new peer or one that can encourage them to play with new friends.  For example, if your child has these giant yard dice (from Amazon) or giant yard dominoes (from Amazon), it can be a novel item that catches a new friend’s attention as well as an object they can play with.  If they prefer to be more active, a personalized boomerang (from Amazon) could be a good gift (along with lessons on how to use one!). Or, if your child would enjoy more intellectual games, a magnetic chess set (from Etsy) that can be attached to the wall, could be a unique piece of wall decor that is both attention-grabbing and functional.

General good luck gifts they can carry with them

Some keepsakes can symbolize your belief in your child and their growing independence. They can carry these around and think about your support at any time. A four-leaf clover pendant (from Amazon) or four-leaf clover pocket coin (from Etsy) could be a good luck charm that will remind them of the positive possibilities ahead of them. A film roll keychain (from Etsy) can remind them of all the happy memories they have had and help them imagine the happy memories they will create. If your child appreciates comics or comic art, you can order a custom comic book cover (from Amazon) that contains an inspiring message and artwork, maybe even depicting your child as a superhero conquering classes and challenges ahead of them. If you’d rather craft your own inspiring message, you can give them a personalized wallet insert (from Etsy) that you can customize. They will always be able to carry your message of hope and love wherever they go.

General good luck gifts for moving away

If your child is moving away to boarding school or college, Back to School also means transforming their new room into their home-away-from-home. Anything that makes it feel more like a safe and relaxing space can be a good gift.  A sun catcher with a genuine four leaf clover (from Etsy) would be a welcome addition to their room. You can also give a practical gift such as a personalized towel (from Etsy) or personalized blanket (from Etsy). If you would like to incorporate an inspiring message or image, you can give a personalized lamp (from Etsy) or a personalized digital clock with a photo (from Etsy)

Practical Back to School items

A final option is get traditional Back to School items that are personalized. These would work as regular Back to School gifts even if your child were not going to a new school. Items such as personalized stationery (from Etsy), name decals (from Etsy), a personalized pen (from Amazon), and a personalized water bottle (from Amazon) are functional while adding a slight sentimental touch.

We hope this post has a suggestion that will bring a smile to your children’s faces during this time of transition or help you generate your own ideas for heartfelt and creative gifts. If you are looking for ideas for other gifts, please visit our blog or main website at Thank you!